contest prep cycle

  1. contest prep cycle

    check it out, going all out with some strong androgens and anabolics, may be too excessive for most but i do what it takes to win.

    Currently 11 weeks out running:

    Test E 1000mg/wk
    EQ 600mg/wk

    Cycle plan leading up to show:

    weeks 11-3 Test E 1000mg/wk
    weeks 11-2 EQ 600mg/wk
    weeks 10-3 Tren E 500mg/wk
    weeks 7-1 Masteron 100mg/eod
    weeks 6-1 Winstrol 50mg/ed
    weeks 3-1 Test P 150mg/eod
    weeks 3-1 Tren Ace 100mg/eod
    weeks 2-1 Halotestin 20mg/ed

    going to post pics throughout the progression to show what all this does lol looking for the overall at my next show.

  2. subbed. please keep this updated we need more threads like this. are you gonna post just one pick a week?

  3. ive ALWAYS heard to stay on till about 2 weeks after the show for maximum gains on contest rebound..

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