Turinabol Cycle

  1. Turinabol Cycle

    Alright. I sit on the fence between staying natural and running a "mild cycle". Background on me:
    Graduated college a year and half ago. Starting my serious lifting and fitness then. I played multiple sports in high school and lifted accordingly for those sports, well more along the lines of I just went through the motions and didn't care back then. I regret that now, but too little, too late. Rarely lifted in college and over the last year and a half I have taken my lifting serious. I eat very sensibly, gave up alcohol, and kill it in the gym 5 days a week. After about 3/4 months of lifting I starting diving into supplements. Nothing major, just the basics of:
    whey protein (ON Gold Standard Whey)
    creatine (Nutra Planet bulk mono)
    glutamine (Nutra Planet bulk)
    multi-vitamin (MST MVP)
    fish oil (Universal Omega)
    pre-workout (NO Shotgun)
    intra (Xtend)

    My results have been fairly drastic. I started out weighing about 245. I am down to around 225. I have continued to lean out, but I have not lost a pound in awhile (but still putting on muscle) because I am eating more on a recomp schedule than a cut. Just swapping muscle for fat.

    I started wanting a bit "more" in the last month or two and my research initially brought me to stacking Primordial Performance Dermacrine LV with CEL Topical Formestane. I would PCT that with Prim. Perf. Sustain Alpha LV.
    My research then led me further to find that many are taking the Prim. Perf. Turinabol Muscle Stack and adding dermacrine to the stack.

    I have been nervous about touching P/H in the past, but I am at a point now where I feel my training is dialed in, my diet in check, and I am age appropriate (about to turn 24). I don't mean to sound like a shill for Primordial's stuff (as I am in no way associated with that company), but my research leads me to them (good stuff seems to be the general consensus and I am not going to buy anything illegal).

    So here is where I am looking for some honest, helpful advice. Everything I read says Turinabol is a perfect first cycle. True or untrue? I also read it is very unlikely to aromatize and produce estrogenic related side effects (ie: gyno). True? How badly should I expect this to effect blood pressure (I suffer from around 1 migraine a year like clockwork and don't want to encourage this), liver damage, lipid profile, libido, etc... I read it is all very mild, but what extent is "mild".

    I am lucky enough to have a good job right now so money isn't a problem. I will run this right. If it is needed I will buy it, so give recommendations. This is what the stack comes with for ~$200.

    Liver Juice - 8 weeks worth (2 prior to cycle, 6 weeks of on cycle)
    Turinabol - to be run for 6 weeks (week 2-6)

    PCT included:
    Sustain Alpha LV - to be run for 4 weeks immediately after turinabol
    Toco 8 - " "
    Endo Amp -" "

    So if I decide to take this cycle (please advise for or against) I feel like I need to add in a few things. Please advise any and all things you think I should add. I am considering:
    Primordial Performance - Dermacrine (to be run for 6 weeks with Turinabol)
    CEL - Cycle assist
    Hawthorn Berry

    So that is where I am at. I live in a city where I don't know a whole lot of people, so very few connections. I also don't trust pretty much any of the websites I see online selling SERMS. So that is pretty much out. I appreciate any and all help because if I choose to run this cycle, I fully understand its severity and risks. I want to be prepared and safe. Please advise.

  2. sides are going to be a toss up.

    hd is for me a ds that gives zero sides except what you see from shutdown.

    the dermacrine should help with libido, and if you have any loss of libido, it will help that too, and also add a little more to your gains.

    hd can not aromatize into estrogen, so that is not a worry.

    your biggest worry seems like bp. and honestly, methylated steroids make you bp go up. cycle assist from cel should help with this. but know, it will go back to normal once the cycle is over.
    how much, and how you handle it will be more personalized to you.

    all in all, a turinabol cycle is a good first cycle for anyone.

    keep the dose to around 60-80mg the entire cycle, and it should be nice and easy going.

    let me know if you have anymore questions.

  3. So you think this cycle will be fine without a serm? You think running this for 6 weeks like PP recommends in their schedule will be fine for a first time?

  4. i do, im also using the tr stack in my pct, im only on day 5, but no complaints as of yet.

    but the turinabol stack with the pct included is good to go.

  5. any other thoughts?

  6. I'm currently on the stack as well, almost done with my first week everything is going pretty good so far

  7. Are you taking anything other than what comes in the stack? What about your PCT?

  8. Should I run this for the full 6 weeks or cut it down some?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by BigNasty View Post
    Should I run this for the full 6 weeks or cut it down some?
    Since this is your first cycle and since you have stated that you are nervous about touching PH/DS, why not tentatively plan on keeping the cycle at 5 weeks? If you hit 5 weeks and decide to press on to 6, then you are free to do so.

    Also, keep in mind that while this is your first cycle, you are free to run more in the future if you choose to do so. Maybe do this one as kind of an "assessment cycle," to see how your body reacts during the cycle and during PCT. If you run it for 5 weeks, and recover with the TRS without any issues, then in a few months you could try again for 6 weeks if you want.

    Just a few suggestions as to your current supplements: stop taking creatine and your NO products while on Hdrol. Save them for PCT, because that's when you'll need a real boost to keep your strength up for that period when the Hdrol is leaving your system but before your natural testosterone has fully kicked in again.


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