Too soon to start another cycle?

  1. Too soon to start another cycle?

    So I ran a reg 6 weeks of CEL Hdrol. Took me till 3rd-4th week to recover but I'm gtg now. For PCT, I used Reversitol and Bioforge. I'm def. throwin in Nolva from now on. I ended sometime about a month ago. I was wondering if I could jump into my next cycle sometime in late April/Early May?

    I kno about the whole Cycle+PCT= Time off, but I really doubt most users wait for the full "standard time". I should mention my next cycle is a Mdrol/Epi bridge. What are the real consequences of jumping into another cycle a lil earlier after PCT? If I did jump into my next cycle, it would have been about 6-8 weeks since I stopped

  2. Quote Originally Posted by rsr08 View Post
    Took me till 3rd-4th week to recover but I'm gtg now
    So, you're saying you got bloodwork?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Libertarian View Post
    So, you're saying you got bloodwork?
    haha no. I mean it was hard getting it up, even in the mornings. I had to quit in the middle of a session with my just felt...boring and I couldn't bust a nut but now i'm getting them every morning, middle of the day, night, you name it. I know I'm just assuming, but I felt like I could do without the bloods for a cycle of Hdrol.

    At least it's a huge sign, right? Anyways, so how bad is it to start a cycle a week or two short from a full time off? Test levels being tapered off comes to mind, but that's IMO

  4. Time off includes PCT.
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  5. if you want to run another one go for it man...i sometimes run back to back to back!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Tomahawk88 View Post
    Time off doesnt include PCT.
    Really? How so? I thought cycle+pct= time off. Either ppl are preachin that way too much or it doesn't apply here on AM. If it doesn't include PCT, then I can't wait to start

    Quote Originally Posted by MarBaSxx View Post
    if you want to run another one go for it man...i sometimes run back to back to back!
    I sense sarcasm...notsureifsrs

  7. If you have insurance maybe you can talk your doctor into some bloodwork.

  8. 6-8 weeks after PCT,

    Or make sure your hormones are back to normal, then wait another month

  9. Make sure you let your hormones recover man. Don't get over anxious. It's amazing what the body can do naturally let alone with AAS. If you don't let your hormones recover then you will end up screwing up your body for a really long time and maybe for life causing you to end up not being able to lift at all. Just let your body heal and you will keep getting better and better results and stay 100% health while keeping your gains. Goodluck man.

  10. thnx everyone for their replies! I will definitely wait then. I was just gettin anxious but health is number one overall. After this next cycle, I'm gonna b even more anxious to start my first injection!!!


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