Which Test is best? FIRST CYCLE

  1. Which Test is best? FIRST CYCLE

    I see that most people that try there first time cycle, it involves a form of test, however, I didnt know how many types there was!


    Testosterone enanthate

    Testosterone cypionate


    Which ones are "better" than others? Also, can you run it by itself for like 8-12 weeks without anything else and make good gains? Some say yes, some say no, alot run it with deca ect.

    Last newb question: While on a "Anabolic" what should change in your diet? I mean, when your all natural to gain mass you have to eat excess calories, do you have to with an anabolic or does it change that rule? I guess I should say, "What rules do anabolics change!"

  2. They're all the same in terms of the effects with the only difference being the half-life. Testosterone Acetate and Propionate are "fast-acting" esters.

    Enanthate and Cypionate are basically the same thing and are "longer" esters. It's common for people to feel Acetate and Propionate within a few days but they require frequent injections to maintain steady levels (thus minimizing sides). In my experience Acetate should definitely be dosed every day and idealy the same with Prop although many people report good results with EOD injects. Enanthate can take up to 4-5 weeks for users to start "feeling" the effects but only needs to be dosed twice a week.

    Not everyone, but a lot of people find Propionate very painful as well. I am one of those people. Propionate, even in small doses, leaves me very sore while I can inject large doses of Acetate with little to no pain at all.

    If you're going to run a long cycle, one way to go about it is to use both long and short esters. One common method is to use Prop or Ace at the beginning of your cycle while you wait for Enanthate to "kick in", and then again at the end of your cycle to keep steady levels as the Enanthate slowly tapers off.

    Also, the longer the ester the less actual Testosterone you get. You can lookup the ester weights online. Only with Testosterone Base you actually get 100mg of Testosterone for every 100mg you inject. Acetate is something like 83mg, Prop 80mg, Enan 70mg, etc.

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