Is this safe to add to my gear?

  1. Question Is this safe to add to my gear?


    I'm almost 6 weeks into my cycle and I had to switch compounds/brands from some pharma Sus250/Tren Ace to UGL Wildcat TNT Mast 250 (prop/tren ace/mast).

    This new Wildcat stuff stings like a bitch, to the point where I'm wondering if I can carry on for another 6 weeks.

    I have ordered some sterile oil to cut it with, but until that arrives from the US (I'm in the UK) I was wondering if I can add this Benzyl Benzoate

    It says 'For external veterinary use only.'...

    I got the idea from a thread over at Meso after googling around.


  2. no that is for external use because its not sterile. You say it stings, is that pain when you inject that goes away pretty immediately or is it something that sticks around for a couple of days...maybe causing some inflamation in th injected muscle?

  3. you could make sterile oil yourself, but getting the supplies might take as long as it will take to get the sterile oil

  4. The new batch stings when I inject (immediately) then it persists for an hour or two. There is no visible inflammation of the muscle but the injection site is tender.

    From that point on the muscle is tender, almost painful for the whole day and tender for up to 3 days.

    I cut the new gear with some of the old sus250 I had left and that made it very manageable, but I'm almost out of that. When I did it neat it just killed.

    The quad shot was the worst, the ventro was ok and the glute was ok. I haven't done delts...

    I just figured it was full of BA. My training partner is on the same cycle, he is sore too. My source is using the same and he said avoid the quads and just deal with it (as he does).

    I'm stuck with this gear, it works but it hurts. I need to either cut it or get some BZ/EO but I can't find it in the UK...

    Edit: The oil was shipped on the 16th, arrived today and was sent back to the US!? It's only cottonseed oil??? I don't know what is going on, only what UPS say. I might just have to get some oil and filter/bake it.

    Edit 2: Squats were tough as hell last night due to all the injection pain, so I can't go on like this. E.g. 200lbs is usually a warm-up/light working set but I struggled getting through it and couldn't go over 220... I can do 300 natty!? Damn soreness...

  5. i thought benzyl benzoate was a preservative.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by CowboyFromHel View Post
    i thought benzyl benzoate was a preservative.
    its also a solvent but not a painful one. I wouldn't use it (even sterile) to cut gear much with. some stuff comes with as high as 15-20% benzyl benzoate, but to clip painful gear you are usually talking as high 1ml of regular gear to 1ml of whatever you are adding


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