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  1. Originally posted by SCORPIO

    Sounds like a good plan. After seeing how your body responds, you can then up the dose. This is why I like making two seperate batches of ph allows you for example to increase the dose of 4ad and see how your body responds to bloat/fat/water....then you go up or down from there.

    your mixing 12gr of ph in the gel is just right. remember that 1-test dissolves easier than 4ad.....more than 10 gr of 4ad in one batch would prolly be a bitch to dissolve, which leads to precipitation.

    I am currently on 6gr 1-test/ 6gr 4ad......4ad gets me bloated/ distended belly so after much trial and error, I'm figuring on using 8gr 1-test and 4gr 4ad for a cutting cycle in the future. I think that is just enough of each for good cutting. The lethargy is a bitch.......I will always add 4ad to my cycle. Good luck.
    Yeah, 4-ad gets me bloated and smooths me out as well, so that wouldn't be good while dieting for a contest, so I'm going to give it a shot with the 3g to try and combat the lethargy side of the 1-test, we'll see.

  2. One more thing, when adding the PH's and DMSO, should I heat the mixture in hot water?

  3. Alright, so all the ingredients are in, and mixed, but I have a ton of white chunks floating around that won't dissolve. I've shaken and shaken, and let it sit in some hot water.
  4. Baumer

    Place your PH bottle in a container with hot water and watch your ph's dissolve.....10-20 mins will do. Depending on the formula you used you will always have seperation when the mix just shake before application. I got the same thing with my mix.

  5. What ph's and how much did you put in? Talk to ya... The hot water always works...
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  6. Originally posted by curt2go
    What ph's and how much did you put in? Talk to ya... The hot water always works...
    12g 1-test and 3g 4-ad with dmso
    I tried the hot water, it still has white chunks settling on the bottom


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