M-LMG, M14E, P-Plex Bridge

  1. M-LMG, M14E, P-Plex Bridge

    Hey guys. I'm 25, and I've run two other cycles, one of P-Plex, one of Epistane. Been about eight months since my last one.

    I really like M-LMG for stacking because it is non-methylated from what I understand and can lead to some good mass. I'm looking for a straight mass building bridge.

    I am NOT going to run the M14-E and the P-Plex at the same time, but bridge them separately. However, I want to stack the M-LMG with one of them, and am not sure which one.

    Any suggestions?

    Also, would running DHEA with this help at all? Hurt at all?


  2. So what ur saying is u have run 2 cycle each having one compound. Now u want to run a cycle where u use 4 compounds?!???! Seriously man!!! No!

    Here is what suggest...

    Run the m14e for 5-6wks
    Run another phera cycle for 5-6 wks.
    Run a epi m-lmg cycle for 5-6 wks.

    All should work witha good bulking diet. There is never a need to run that many orals.

    Best yet go get some test c or e for 10wks kicked off with phera for 5 wks.

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