create my next cycle!

  1. create my next cycle!

    hello all. As I sit here pondering what my next cycle will be, it occured to me that i should just ask my bro's on AM. first a history..
    18%bf (yuck)
    bench max-315x11
    squat max-315x13

    I have run several succesful cycles to include Havoc, Superdrol, 1-t tren (not the best product), and my last cycle was low dose Dbol (25mg p/day for 4 weeks)

    I always use proper support supps and proper PCT.

    goals- lose bodyfat first and foremost, increase lean mass (of course), and strength gains would also be sweet. I don't want a cycle that will result in alot of water retention or cause me to gain BF (so i reckon superdrol is out.)
    Throw your ideas at me guys, if you could dream up the perfect cycle for a big heavy guy that wanted to get leaner and all beastly what would it be? im ok with using anything...aas, ph, ps. I prefer not to pin..just fyi.

  2. Havoc again.

  3. cant go wrong with epi can you.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by wilsmash4food View Post
    cant go wrong with epi can you.
    Well.....the reason I say is because of your goals and what you want from the cycle. If it was a bulk, I would recommend something else. Cut....same thing.

    Epi is great for what you're trying to accomplish.

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