ohn oral

  1. Talking ohn oral

    has anybody experimented with this one yet? will it dissolve in something simple like olive oil or is that a poor idear. tia

  2. Bumpety

  3. Thumbs up hey dude

    hey bioman, i meant to complement you on your intelligent, rational, objective points of view i have been reading from time to time. they are most refreshing. have a great weekend sir.

  4. Sledge tried 10 mg/ml in olive oil and that did not work. 5 mg/ml "almost" worked. I believe he said if you added 2% BB it would work.

  5. I got 5mg/ml into extra virgin olive oil.... it takes a little bit of shaking but it will go in.

    Many methyls can be mixed using straight extra vigin olive oil, here are some examples that i have been successful with:

    methyl1test -10mg/ml
    m-4ohn- 5mg/ml
    M-4oht - 5mg/ml (this one took some time)
    m-1,4adiol - 10mg.ml
    m-5aa 10mg/ml
    m-4ad 15mg/ml
    methyldienolone - 5mg/ml

  6. Cool, thanks Nuffs. This is valuable info for my soon to arrive methyl arsenal

    Thankyou for the unexpected compliment Julius. Have a methyl-wonderful week!

  7. how about everclear or 151?


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