1. Arimidex

    I have arimidex on hand during my cycle I was going to dose at .5 mgs EOD for bloating and I know it helps with gyno. But on enanthate don't you want the bloating and water retention? Doesn't that give you power? Isn't that the purpose of the bulking? I want to get bigger on enanthate and I know a good amount will be water weight that will be lost but what is a big advantage of taking the arimidex? Any advice would help out a lot. Thanks.

  2. if u dont care for the water weight then only run it if/when ur nips become sensitive

  3. Quote Originally Posted by nosnmiveins View Post
    if u dont care for the water weight then only run it if/when ur nips become sensitive
    I agree with this

  4. You are on the right course with your dose. It's better to take it.

  5. Would using an AI with test really cut down on water weight? I though it is the test that is responsible for water retention, but estrogen promotes storage of the water in interstitial fluid giving the bloated appearance. Wouldn't the actual weight of water be about the same regardless of the AI?

    Either way, high estrogen would increase the amount of you FAT put on during a bulk, so that's one negative to take into consideration. Also it can cause increased levels of SHBG, rendering less usable testosterone (but at these supraphysiological levels I dunno if it would make much of a difference). On the other hand estrogen does increase systemic IGF-1 and upregulate androgen receptors. Personally I don't think the benefit of slightly increased anabolism outweighs the bloat, decreased libido, and propensity to put on fat.

  6. good advice. I'm gonna keep taking .5 mgs EOD. It just through me off a little bc so many people say take arimidex bc it cuts your bloat and water retention but I had thought that gave you power in a way. Plus you would be losing a lot of that water after your cycle. I will probably keep taking it to handle the estrogen and decrease my chances of sides though.


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