3-AD - waste of time?

  1. 3-AD - waste of time?

    This stuff is rather weak correct? Anyone care to give personal feedback?

    Any suggestions of a non-methyl to run this with.

  2. yea waste of time. To see results you would have to be 100% with your diet, workouts, and life. If your gonna do that you mind as well take nothing, or do something real.

    I ran a cycle of it a while ago... gained 3 lbs... its just kind of a -_- supp

  3. I had good results from it. But compared to xtren by cel it wasn't as strong, but there was no side effects either. I wish it wasn't so expensive. Over all I'd do it again, its nice to get some effect with out having to worry about complications.

  4. total waste of time and $$$ in my opinion. i got nothin off it at all and I am a meticulous record keeper/cycle runner etc.

  5. I gained about 10lbs while running it. I ran it at 6 caps a day. I ate like a horse.



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