Methylated PH's vs. Alcohol

  1. Methylated PH's vs. Alcohol

    Everyone constantly emphasizes how badly methylated ph's affect your lipid profiles but I've never seen it put into perspective as a way to gauge the impact on your liver. Can somebody compare roughly the kind of damage 20mgs of Superdrol a day vs. Ingesting 20 beers in 6 hrs. This may or may not be a fair comparison as Alcohol and Methylation probably affect the liver in different ways but I've always wanted a way to put it into perspective for myself.

  2. Subbed. I want to know to.

  3. who's gonna be the guinea pig for this experiment...need to add bloodwork think that SD effects the liver more than alcohol since your takin SD for 3-4wks as apposed to alcohol for only 6hrs or so...

    Maybe some medical field experts will chime in....

  4. I would think its almost like comparing 2 different situations though because Alcoholic cirrhosis comes with years and years of alcohol consumption. The risk from downing a whole bottle of liquor in one night is more acute pancreatits than any form of hepatitis. But Superdrol, on the other hand carries the risk of acute hepatotoxicity as well as adverse effects on cholesterol levels and the HPTA.
    I'm back from a longggg nap!

  5. Your right in saying that alcohol and 17aa steroids affect the liver in different ways. Alcohol induced liver disease does not come under drug induced liver disease, however both of these substances are hepatotoxic.

    Drinking too much alcohol increases the risk of serious liver disease as does prolonged or high dose use of oral 17aa or methylated steroids.

    To put in perspective the effect 17aa steroids can have, 10mgs of dianabol will raise liver values and keep them raised for quite a while. Having said that raised liver values aren't always a sign of liver damage, more a sign of the liver working harder or increased liver function.

    Too much alcohol generally leads to 3 types of liver disease - Fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis and alcoholic cirrhosis. Any or all of these conditions can occur in a person at the same time, and are very serious complications.

    Oral steroids have a 17aa structure which allows them to survive the first pas through the liver. However, during this stage in metabolism liver cells can be damaged as the liver attempts to break down the oral agents. There are changes in the structure of the liver with continued use, and the liver's ability to rid the body of wastes (excretory function) is decreased. In one type of liver ailment caused by oral steroids, blood-filled pockets open inside the liver. This is known medically as "peliosis hepatitis," and although rare, is not restricted to high doses or long-term use of steroids.

    Another liver problem arising from oral steroid use is intrahepatic cholestasis, which usualy presents with nausea, fatigue and eventually jaundice, this usually disappears upon ceasing taking the drug.

    Answering your question of whether alcohol or steroids are harsher on the liver is difficult, different drugs and substances effect different people in different ways, there are many variables and risk factors when it comes to drug induced hepatotoxicity. Race, age, sex and other genetic factors play a part.

    What I would say however, is that too many people take the liver toxicity issues with oral steroids lightly, just because some pro-hormones are legal it does NOT make them completely safe, just as alcohol is not illegal, if it is abused to a certain extent it will harm your body, and may even cause life threatening complications.

    17aa steroids ARE hepatotoxic, theres no way around that, so be careful with how you use them, I'd keept any methylated or 17aa drugs use down to a maximum of 5 weeks, and make sure you have AT LEAST the same amount of time off oral steroids, double the amount of time off would be even more sensible.

    Me personally, I'd rather not use oral steroids, thats the best way to ensure a healthy liver. After all, you only get one.



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