M14e and The one

  1. Question M14e and The one

    Hi, a friend of mine was asking me today if stacking the one pulsed 4 times a week on w/o days for weeks 1-6 and running m14e weeks 1-4 everyday was a good idea, I said I have no clue but I would ask... is it?

    if this is not a good idea, what would be a good combo with the two?

    Thanks for advice guys.


  2. You would essential be running 3 methyl ph/aas... Wonder what the answer would be????!!!?? Think u can figure it out!

  3. nothing wrong with stacking three orals, if each of the three have something different to bring to the table.

    but epistan and the one are both dry, dht derrived steroids. with the one actually having the ability to convert into methyl dht.

    no reason to stack the three.

    just run the m14e solo.

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