Blood Pressure (Correct Cuff Size) and PH

  1. Blood Pressure (Correct Cuff Size) and PH

    Well versed in healthcare and biochemistry so I understand the possible effects of PH on blood pressure. I have an enlarged left-ventricle, as do many athletes, and it doesn't seem to effect my blood pressure. However as an undergraduate I was awful at getting an annual physical. Needless to say, I went 4 years without any issues and thus, 4 years without a physical. In that time frame my arms exploded in size and upon my most recent physical my BP was 140/68. As you can see the systolic is high (considered hypertensive) yet the diastolic is healthy. I realized afterwards that my BP was taken with a "normal" size cuff. This only accommodates arms up to 11-12 inches. This likely generated a reading of 30 or so points above normal. Assuming my BP is normal with a large cuff, I will initiate a PH cycle in April. However, I was wondering how many people's BP increased with PH cycles? Furthermore, what support supplements (unrelated to hormonal balance) were utilized. And, were any pre-workout stims utilized?


  2. I'd highly recommend celery seed extract for bp. Make sure you get the one with at least 85% 3nb. Hawthorne berry (standardized) is good, but I've found that celery seed extract works better for me.

  3. Celery seed extract, Garlic, and Hawthorne berries seem to work for me.

  4. yep. and no caffeine for the cycle. some prohormones effect your blood pressure more than others, so keep that in mind.

  5. Cycle Support 2.0 by AI

    Its legendary stuff for dropping blood pressure on cycle.

    The controversy is the presence of saw palmetto in it. It'll knock out DHT - good for the prostate though.

    140/68. 68 is very good. 140 ... could be a cuff problem. Try a wrist bp machine.

    I've a blood pressure monitor at home and know that you've got to get the cuff correct otherwise the readings are always high.

  6. I had the same issue. I am at the end of my Mdrol cycle and bridging into spawn. i had never had issues with BP until I started mdrol and i began getting headaches. I had my BP checked and it was 180 plus/ over 90-100 which is friggin horrible. They used a smalll/normal cuff and when it was checked with a larger cuff it ranges betwen 140-168/over 80-90 which is better but not great. I Use HB and now it seems i will be adding in celery seed extract. Hopefully now that the Mdrol is done my Bp will decrease as i never had a bp issue before the mdrol started even with other PH's.

  7. Good stuff, I recently found some published material about the overall benefits of celery seed extract. It was in some alternative medicine Journal. The author was published in a bunch of other work too. I will get access to that article and drop it here if possible.

    Thanks for the insight to all of those involved


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