Quick and simple question about m-drol

  1. Quick and simple question about m-drol

    yes i used the search button but i need a simple and clear answer as there was a dozen different answers when i searched it, whats the chance i get delayed gyno from running 3 weeks mdrol at 20 mg and using nolva 40/30/20/10? no AI's or anything else just those 2 supplements.

  2. nolva is too high IMO.....20/20/20/20 will suffice for pct, u can even extend it a week @ 10mg.

    there is no scale to measure the "chance" of an individual getting rebound gyno....u wont know until u run it

  3. alright 20/20/20/20 it is.. there has to be a science to it, it cant just be random luck either you get it and use letro or not, right?

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