3rd Cycle Pls Advise

  1. 3rd Cycle Pls Advise

    Well i have done alot of reading over the past few months, and this will be my 3rd cycle. I have done 2 h-drol clone cycles and have had decent results and have maintained them. I'm looking for something with a lil more a$$. A buddy of mine gave me a bottle of KS tren. So i have planned a cycle for this and these are my intentions if something is amiss please let me know.

    wks 1-2
    Cycle Assist as per label

    wks 3-6
    Cycle Assist as per label
    KS tren 60/60/60/60

    wks 7-10
    Clomid liquid 75/50/50/25
    reduce xt as per label
    reversitol V2 as per label

    Diet and workout plan are always in check.

  2. Well with all the views and no comments i'll assume i'm on the right path or a complete retard.

  3. Bump....I'm just looking for some advice or another opinion. I was hoping that i had planned this one right or even if it was trying the KS TREN

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