I figure I'd post this here seeing as most of the dudes here are dealing with orals.

Have you guys ever used blast/cruise cycles before? Maybe you have and don't know the name, so I'll present an example of an 10 week cycle (two blast cycles) with just designers:

Weeks 1-2: Sdrol, Tren, Dermacrine (for test)
Weeks 3-5: 120mg nolvadex day 1, 20mg from then on (maybe a test booster here)
Weeks 6-7: Same as weeks 1-2
Weeks 8-10: Same as weeks 3-5

Now, the dosing for each would be on the very high end of things. As a reference, I'm talking 40-50mg Sdrol. This is similar to Bill Robert's 2-on 4-off scheme, but the time off is shortened to 3 weeks because we aren't running low dose d-bol during the off period so recovery should be faster.

Also, as far as liver toxicity goes, Bill's test shows that liver levels end up coming back normal after the off period (using d-bol, not sdrol, so I understand there is a difference and increased toxicity) but just in case I would suggest using liver support (liv-52, liver juice, etc.)

The theory behind these cycles are to minimize long-term side effects while attemptint to maximize gains.