Blood test - what should I expect

  1. Blood test - what should I expect

    Hello everyone,

    I just started my 3rd week of test E at 500mg/wk and i am going to get a physical check up tomorrow which is going to include a blood test. The following things are listed. I am unfamiliar w/ what they are but I am guessing they are the different types of tests that will be run.

    I assume that by now my test levels should be elevated but how much over the normal range should I expect? If that becomes a question brought up after the results are revealed, I am going to say i've been using OTC prohormones and I hope this would be a good enough excuse.

    Also, how long does marijuana stay in one's system. I smoked some about 2 months ago and was wondering if this will still show up.

    All responses are appreciated.

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  2. bump. anybody?

  3. Well "Testosterone" isn't one of the tests you have listed. Also a UA for a physical usually doesn't include a drug screen. How old are you if your parents are taking you to get a physical?

  4. First off, how old are you????Your parents want you to get a check up??Do they know your juicing.
    CBC-tells your blood count(red cell, white cell, platelets)
    Lipid-I think thats your cholesterol and triglycerides(sp?)
    Urine-tells how well your kidneys are filtering
    CA-125-Don't know
    CEA- Don't know
    TSH- thyroid stimulating hormone
    FSH- Folicle stimulating hormone
    SGPT-Liver(I think)
    SGOT- Another Liver
    Hep ABC-to see if you have hepatitis a, b, and/or c.

    At three weeks the only thing you might see is a slight increase in SGPT and/or SGOT, and a decrease in FSH.

    On the weed, you should be ok.
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  5. If your Test E has kicked in, your FSH will be something like 0.00-0.03 and the doc will know you're on some kind of steroid or similar.

  6. I'm 24. Yeah I know the parents thing is kinda funny but that's just how my family is. I already told them I didn't need it but they kept insisting and I've never gotten one done before. They are not taking me to get the physical done, they are just telling me to do it and they deal w/ all my medical insurance. The don't know i'm taking any aas. It just so happened that they wanted to get this done right when i started my first cycle.

    They've actually asked me if i've taken aas before since I have gained 70-80 lbs naturally since i've been lifting over the past 5 years.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Ginseng
    ..............since I have gained 70-80 lbs naturally since i've been lifting over the past 5 years.
    those gains speak highly of your nutrition and training. good luck with the test


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