Horse Kicked me in the ass

  1. Horse Kicked me in the ass

    or at least it feels like that after my test e injects... holy **** i can barely sit down. I'm doing 500 for 10 weeks 1ml twice a week and i think part of the problem is that i was nervous. I had my buddy do my first one and it went fairly smoothly, and I did my own one last night and there was a lot of moving the needle around trying to steady it and i feel i may have cut up the muscle a bit.. any suggestions? my site is glutes

  2. have the same friend kiss it lol just joke it will get better just stretch or go slower on inject give time for gear to spread out

  3. i was thinking about delts but i don't wanna have two useless arms for a couple days

  4. The first one probably didn't hurt because your friend massaged it real nice for you.

  5. thanks for the useful info douchebag.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by rdugan95 View Post
    i was thinking about delts but i don't wanna have two useless arms for a couple days
    try the delt ive been hitting the delt feels like someone kick me in the arm better than in the ass though but pain goes away when i workout . hope this helps bro dont take things so personal

  7. I sit at a desk all day so I changed from glutes to worked out better and I was able to hold the pin more steadily....glutes sucked for me.


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