Kit-less Fina conversion. Ever come across this one?

  1. Kit-less Fina conversion. Ever come across this one?

    This is so old it might be new. Don't really remeber where I got it. Might have been one of Hulkster's news letters from around '96 or so. I've never done it this way but it seems to makes pretty straight forward sense. can anybody tell me why this won't work or what I'll getr w/ a kit that I'll be missing by going this route?

    * Place pellets in a small glass container with about 25 Ml of methyl alcohol. The pellets should dissolve in an hour or two. If dissolution is complete add more alcohol or place
    container in warm (not hot) water.

    * Filter the solution into a clean container using a funnel and a coffee filter to remove most of the cellulose binder. Rince the filter w/ a small amount of methanol to chase through any fina still in the filter.

    * After filtering pour some of the solution onto a level sheet of spotlessly clean glass and allow alcohol to evaporate. You probably won't be able to pour it all out at once, but that's OK- in fact doing it in smaller amountsis probably preffereable. Pour out a puddle that doesn't completely cover the glass and wait untill the alcohol evaporates. Then our another puddle in the same spot- right over the residue from the first puddle. After pouring out the end of the solution rinse out the container w/ a few Ml. of methanol and pour that onto the glass also.

    * When all of the solution has been evaporated carefully scrape the residue off the glass w/ a razor blade and collect it in a small pile.

    * Using two razor blades scoop the powder up and place into a vial w/ 40 Ml of oil and cap. Swish the oil around to dissolve the powder into the oil.

    * Place mixture in a bath of 130 degree water for half an hour to kill off any nasties that
    got in during processing.

    * Administer to cattle via intra-muscular injection.


    Now, I'm not certain about dissolveability here. Would the TA actually dissolve in oil w/out any additional solvent? Dazed's solution could be substituted for the oil w/ the added benefit of BA and BB being present for sterilization/preservation as well as dissolveing, but maybe I don't need it. And I suppose a Whatman wouldn't hurt either.

    Any thougts?

  2. I was just wondering about this and posted something similar on another board because the selective re-crystallization method seemed to have a lower recovery rate than a kit. For a cleaner solution, from your post, it seems a syringe filter may be helpful and the ba for steriliy and the bb to help avoid crystalls/pain in depot. These were my questions if you don't mind.

    Crystal Fina or a Kit some questions?

    Instead of re-crystallizing the TA out of the methanol by adding distilled water, could the TA methanol solution be vacuum filtered and washed with additional methanol until there remained only white filler in the filter?

    Then could the resulting solution be evaporated, under vacuum, to leave just TA crystals?

    From that point could a normal kit process be followed(with less magic solution based on yield)?

    Would there be a danger of residual methanol?

    How would this affect crystal yield?

    Would there be a benefit using .45 and .22 filters inline?

    Or is it better to shut up and just “Shake –N- Bake” per kit instructions?

    I MacGyvered the vacuum / filter setup.

    "I hate the poke but love the ritual."

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Skye
    Thanks for sharing that. Have you done this?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Basset
    Thanks for sharing that. Have you done this?
    I do a varent of it. Same as he posted only I let a block of ice melt over it. make nice lare crystals that are easy to filter. I wish I could remeber who gave that idea. But that is by far the best conversion metheod for fina. Both much safer and cleaner



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