Starting my first cycle 1-test/4AD today

  1. Starting my first cycle 1-test/4AD today

    Hi. I got all my stuff today, first thing's first, thanks a million to Power Nutrition, fast delivery and everything packed really good. Only strange thing was that 3 delivery dudes showed up at my door for this little box, lol, must have been trainee's.

    I am going to be stacking 1-Test and 4AD. Doing 2.5g of 1-Test, with 5g of 4AD. (Transdermal via T-gel)

    (4 week cycle) 200mg per dose, twice daily. I'm also taking Pantothenic acid Vit b-5.

    Wish me luck, I've heard great things about this stack and hopefully it works for me too.

    1 questoin: My math skills suck. I know the T-Gel has 60 appications in it. So that's a 30 day supply. The recommended dosage is 200mg of 1-Test, and 400mg of 4AD, ok, so thats not going to fit in the bottle. Not for 30 days, it would last a week If I mix 5g of 4ad and 2.5g of 1 Test, right?
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  2. I am starting my first cycle today also!! I am soing S1+ at 2 doses a day,

  3. Hey mikeman it will get you close to those numbers if my math is right 4ad 332grams per day and 1-T 162grams per day. It will last you 15 days. Good luck. I'm going to be starting one soon myself, thinking of doing 5grams of each. Hey jeep69 good luck to you also.

  4. Thanks for the replies. What do you all recommend I take off cycle?

  5. Nolvadex. week 1-2 40mg/day week 3-4 20mg/day.

  6. Well, today is day # 7, and zero gains. But from reading up in here, seems it's taking everyone 2 weeks to see gains, I'm patient, whats another week! I sure do hope it works.

  7. Agree with candle25


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