anyone intersted in a low dose lmg/stano log

  1. anyone intersted in a low dose lmg/stano log

    Hello All:

    I am currently trying to decided on a finishing cycle please remember I am cutting heavy. This is event specific and their is not room to not cut the weight. So this isn't a usual recomp, lean bulk, cut etc Right Now i am just about 17lbs away and I have until may 29.

    I have done the weight cut before so it's nothing new for me to cut that much. but i have not done it in a while. fatburner is oep. I am thinking of finishing up the last 6 weeks with 50mg lmg/ 300 mg stano.

    other choices are lmg and prostanz or plain stano at a higher dose. This is meant to be an easy cycle to hold the muscle during the final weeks of a 20 week prep.

  2. No opinions?

  3. i would really like to see how the lmg treats ya bro. good luck
    Athletic Xtreme Team REP

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