Primobolan only

  1. Primobolan only

    So i have some primobolan,Its enough 4 a 10 week cycle of 100mgs.I heard this is a pretty safe cyle with low sides.Just a few things i need to do you get ance,two what to take for pct,three hair loss?Things like that.Any help would be great

  2. google the compound! ur asking basic info on the compound. and 100mg/week wont do sh!t......ppl run 400-1000mg/week

  3. What abot 250mgs i can get more

  4. lowest ive seen run was 400mg/week. its a very week compound so higher doses are necessary. but the lean gains and low sides are appealing to some

  5. If you meant 100mg per day rather than per week, you might be onto something.

    What's wrong with Test? If you can get legit Primo you can get Test.

  6. Primo is an amazing compound, if you can afford to run high doses. As others have mentioned, not worth running unless you get over 600mgs per week. Once you get to 1000mgs, then were talking!


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