Water Retention

  1. Water Retention

    I'm just about to start a 1test/4AD + Dbol cycle.
    It looks like this:
    Week 1-4 25mg Dbol
    Week 1-6 1test/4AD

    I have Nolva on hand.
    My concern is with regards to water retention.
    I don't want to blow up & have people at work thinking/knowing that I'm using AAS.
    On the other hand, I don't want to greatly impede my gains.
    Would 20mg of Nolva ED for Weeks 1-6 be a good idea to combat water retention without greatly harming gains?

    Thanks for any help

  2. You may not get much bloating at all. I would suggest using nothing unless it is needed. Arimidex is better at keeping off water.

  3. Thanks 4 your help Size.
    Sinecerly appreciated

  4. if you use the nolvadex (I always run it now for my cholestorol) I would try 10mg ed or even eod instead.
  5. Arrow

    Quote Originally Posted by Skye
    if you use the nolvadex (I always run it now for my cholestorol) I would try 10mg ed or even eod instead.
    Say whaaaa???? Your cholesterol????

    I am going to do some research into that.

  6. Never claimed that I could spell
    if you want the article

  7. Here's a little something I ran into on BassKiller's site. Talks a bit on the topic of Nolva and cholesterol.


  8. run arimidex at .5mg EOD to keep bloating to a minimum

  9. looks like a bad cycle to me.Not long enough

  10. Read my reply about water retention in this thread.

    Gains With Nolva On Cycle
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