Please Help Started M1t

  1. Unhappy Please Help Started M1t

    I started M1T about five days ago no serious sides and I'am up about four pounds but the I didn't know how strong it was or how serious its side effects can be I was just looking and saw it for $10 on bulk nutrition and thought it was just another prohoromone I have took andro and T-bomb with no problems but I know now this is some serious **** I have been using 20mg a day in split dosages but my question is should I just go get some milk thistle,harthorne berry, and continue the cycle I was planning on going 2-4 weeks and do proper pct with nova or just abandon the cycle altogether I'am 27 been working out for 2 years if I quit now would i still have to do pct if so could I get away with using 6oxo since its just been five days

  2. If you are ok at 20mg than just keep it going. Most people are doing 2 weeks on, 2 off, 2 on. You may want to give that a try. And save the milk thistle untill PCT. Use NAC for your liver now. And hawthorn berry if your BP rises.

  3. Man, that was a loooong sentence.

    Sounds like you need to be doing some researching on the product before using it. Also, you are asking for serious problems by not having the proper ancillaries on-hand at the beginning of your cycle.

    IMO, 20mg's is too much to be taking. There is no reason to take beyond the 10 mg's, unless you are not responding to it, especially if it is your first time taking it.

    It is not advised to use 6OXO only for PCT, but it's your gamble. I would suggest lowering your doses of the M1T to 10mg's, keep your cycle going if you're not having problems, and order some Nolva from ASAP.

  4. sounds like you should read/learn about these things before you put them in your body.

  5. I agree with dropping the dosage to 10mg. The gains will be the same, while the risks & sides will be less. You should get some 4ad to add in there too.

    You definitely need liver protectants & 6-oxo will not cut it. Get nolva or clomid & use it with 6-oxo or alone.

  6. Nac

    Quote Originally Posted by justin23
    Use NAC for your liver now.
    What's NAC? I can't search, too short.


  7. N-Acetyl Cysteine an amino acid that not only helps with liver function but also raises glutathione levels which is a powerful antioxidant and immune booster.

  8. well sledge has been talking about how good r-ala is for the liver at 600mg's and has blood work that actually shows it helps.. so try some of that..1fast's is the best..hopefully it's in stock..

  9. I have been using 10mg. I am going to go up to 15 next time. If the sides are to much, then I will go back to 10. If you are not having bad sides with 20 maybe go to 15mg. It is a good idea to start at 10mg, but if you are ok at 20, then maybe just drop back to 15mg. And listen to everyone.. get Nolva for PCT.

  10. dude i just got done with a 3 week cycle and my strength gains were awesome, very little in the way of mass gains for me but my diet was the reason for that i suspect. anyways, no real sides in the beginning, but the pumps in my biceps limited me to only a few sets of curls. some lower back cramps but worse than all was i got the dreaded m1t flu. it absolutely sucked man, totally wrecked my training. i doubt i will try any more prohormones. never got this from real gear.

  11. I'd say 20mg is a higher size dose to 'jump' into, but there is quite a bit a varience with the reactions people are getting from it. I agree with the general concensus of dropping the dosage a bit...10mg seems to be a good starting point, although many attest to the benifits of 5mg with little sides.

    I recommend doing as much research as you can, increase your water intake to 1.5 gallons per day, get liver protectants, taurine for possible cramping, and of course Nolva.


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