Rash from 1-test / 4-ad transdermal?

  1. Question Rash from 1-test / 4-ad transdermal?

    I've been on 1-test and 4-ad for three weeks now. Middle of the 3rd week I started developing a rash. Looks like and feels like poison ivy. It's around the application spots, although not exactly on the main sites. It's bad on the back of my knees (I apply the back of my upper legs), inside of elbows (I apply on the biceps mainly), it's a little on my ankles and some on my sides (also application sites).

    I'm assuming it's from the transdermal, although one of my main application sites (glutes) so no sign on this rash.

    Should I just stop the 1-test, 4-ad, both, or just tough it out for the next week to complete my 4-wk cycle?

  2. I personally would stop.. and by the way this has been a problem for some people using 1-T

  3. Maybe I'll just discontinue the 1-T and leave the 4-AD since I only have 5 more days left in my 4-wk cycle.

  4. I get rashes from topical 1-test, but not from any other PH. Actually, I only get it when applied to my chest. I'm fine anywhere else. If you can find spots that don't break out, stick to those. Otherwise just stick to other PHs.

  5. I got bad rashes from 1-test transdermals. And it does happen on other 1-t like compounds like 1-ad as well.

  6. Claritin (OTC) took care of it for me.


  7. I got small rashes when I used a 1T/4AD trans. I brewed my own and I'm sure it was due to the DMSO content. I'll brew at 8% next time.
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    I've experienced similar skin discomfort in certain areas that are more sensitive than others. Once your transdermal dries, try mixing up some aloe and a moisturizing creme like Neutragena or Eucerin and apply it to the area. You should get some relief, plus enjoy some extra absorption of residue PH ordinarily left on your skin.

    Good luck.

  9. i used M1T with 4 AD+ and i had iching red dots all over my chest and shoulders ....nothin visible but iching like hell ........i just lived throu it after i went off cycle it stopped a week later .....im doing the same cycle again ...well c what happens


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