H-Drol + Alpha One

  1. H-Drol + Alpha One

    I just finished a great H-Drol stack, lost 20 pounds and added close to 50 pounds to all my lifts. I was researching for another stack and saw Alpha One and was wondering if anyone would think if it's safe to stack it with H-Drol and if so, how should I dose it. I hope to start my new stack in April or May.

  2. i think that would be an awesome stack man... what are your goals for this stack.. and also congrats on a great cycle.. was that your first? what else did u run with it.. any cutting agents

  3. I'm sure alpha 1 is awesome by itself (I have a few), but I am interested also......

  4. it was my second ph cycle. i have run a dbol cycle which i would recommend to anybody if they can find it. i was cutting with the h-drol, i ran it for 6 weeks on it's own 50/75/75/75/75/75 and so far no sides while in my pct. i want to bulk, but i dont want to look to extreme. my cousin did a cycle of m-drol, and had great dry gains. i want a lean bulk. i think it would be best to bridge the 2 supps but im not to sure about it.

    i was thinking stacking it like:

    H-Drol: 0/0/0/50/50/50/50
    Alpha One: 40/40/40/40/0/0/0


    Nolva: 40/20/20/10

    would any of ya'll suggest something that would add great size and strength without being too wet. i like to look solid, not like a balloon.

  5. would ya'll suggest m-drol

  6. I dunno, man.....2 methyls?........Not stacked, but maybe bridged might be a lil less harsh

  7. Read the write up on alpha one... No bridging or stacking with sd!!!

    For one I don't see the point of a hdrol alpha one stack... It takes hdrol 2-2.5 wks to kick in. So u take a powerful quick acting compound and use a one wk bridge into a compound that takes a few wks to kick in?!?? Just doesn't make sense.

    Honestly I would run alpha one solo first. From the reviews it's no joke! Much like SD.

    Then possibly look to bridging it into maybe epi. But then again this might be powerful enough to run a few solos runs before adding anything to it.

  8. masterdrol + alpha 1= insane strength gains

  9. when i said m-drol, i meant by itself, not with the alpha one, im just goin to run alpha one by itself first, do ya'll think a 40/40/40/40 cycle would be good


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