first T-1 pro cycle, what do you think?

  1. first T-1 pro cycle, what do you think?

    This is my first time posting so i will tell you about myself. Im 21 years old, 5'8" 150 lbs. about 8-10%bf and have been lifting for 1 year. I have been researching PH for 6-8 months and have come up with this for my first PH cycle.I will be using PNs "build your own transdermal" t-gel with 5g of 1-test and 2.5g of 4ad for 4 weeks on 4 weeks off 4 weeks on. For pct i have liquid nolvadex from cutsom nutrition warehouse. Workouts are going to be on a 4 day split: monday- back/Bis, tuesday-chest/tris, wednesday-off, thursday-legs, friday-shoulders/traps/abs, and on an occasional saturday(if time permits) i will do a very light chest/tri WO.

    This is what my cycle will look like.

    FIRST 4 weeks:
    -T-1 pro - 2ml twice a day
    -Diet plan will be 3860 calories min.(that is the exact amount of the foods i eat)
    -Protein - 170g/day
    -Multivitamin - mega man
    -Dextrose - 1/2 cup only after WO

    SECOND 4 weeks:
    -Nolvadex - weeks 1-2 40mg/day
    - weeks 3-4 20mg/day
    -Diet plan will stay at 3860 calories/day
    -Protein - 170g/day
    -Multivitamin - mega man
    -dextrose - 1/2 cup after WO

    Any advice or opinions would be great.

  2. I would get a lil more lifting under your belt before trying some PH's, but your plan looks good. I would add a lil more protein though. I LOVED T-1 Pro. I used 5gr of 1-test and 5 grams of 4-ad and gained a lil over 15lbs over my 6 week cycle at 4 squirts/day. Gains did not really start coming hard until late the second week.
    I would add some glucosamine/chondroitin to the mix to help your joints out also.

  3. i have been lifting a couple years but the last year i have been very dedicated.

    15lbs, good job. thats my goal on this cycle. you said you took 4 squirts for a total of 8ml. do you think i should up my dose to 6ml?

  4. Albanese I agree I would wait another year or so, but your cycle looks great and well thoughtout. I applaud you for taking the time to research this first. This seems to be lacking a little lately. Also since you are 150lbs. I think you will see decent gains on 2 squirts a day. I was 215 and saw good gains at 3 squirts a day my first run and had a couple of other cycles under my belt.

  5. thanks for the replys.

    i am going to stick with 2ml twice a day for the first 4 week cycle and see how it goes. I will be starting this on wednesday.

  6. protein intake seems exceptionally low for the amount of cals youre consuming...

  7. Its a little over 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight. If thats not enough then how much do you suggest? Do you mean during my cycle of T-1 pro or just in general?

  8. If you're taking in 170g protein, thats only 680 calories (about 18%). 3860-680=3180. If half that is carb and the other half fat, that leaves 398g carbs and 177g of fat. That works out to a 41,18,41diet. Way too low on protein and too high on fat.
    I'd go with 250 protein (about 30% of total cals) and keep the same carbs and cut the fat to 125g (about 30%). IMO.
    Other than that the cycle looks good. You will definitely put on weight.

  9. yeah I forgot to say. I was 207lbs, 5'11" when I started that cycle @ 4squirts/day. Been stocking up on the powder of both. Bench went from 315x6 to 335x5-6 after cycle.

  10. Just as a side note here.

    NO "enhancers" should ever be used if you don't KNOW your diet and body to a T.

    Not saying you do or don't, but it doesn't *look* like you DO.


  11. You may be able to get by on only 170g protein when you're off cycle. But you should be around 250g when on-cycle. Shoot for 1.5g per Lb of bodyweight & you'll be fine.

  12. as all said, up the protein and lower the fats. With your body weight I wouldn't worry too much about limiting the carbs yet (possibly in the future, however).

    How do you respond to this amount of volume in your training? Have your weights went up much this last year? You may want to consider a 3 day split such as push/pull/legs, just an idea

  13. Definately try at least a 40/30/30 split (pro/carb/fat). Many get good gains from this macro split natty, so with the T-1 pro, you should do great.

  14. I readjusted my diet: calories-3820, protein-229g(thats 1.5g per LB of bodyweight), and total fat is 77g.

    Please tell me what you think.


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