Xanax and Superdrol

  1. Xanax and Superdrol

    I am perscribed Xanax and was wondering if it would interfere with my Superdrone cycle or cause any dangerous interactions. Thanks

  2. I have taken it for 4 years. I have ran 5 cycles. I have had no problems.

  3. no interactions between the two. pct might be slightly depressing and higher anxiety because of wacked hormones at first, but no drug interaction

  4. yeah pct could be a bad ride for you

  5. helps alot on cycle.. i feel like i get fantastic sleep and wake up more rested

  6. I would just ask your doctor honestly. Or if ur nervous of his reaction just call and ask for the answer alone.

  7. No interaction at all. I've run many SD cycles while on 4mg of Klonopin and it just helps with sleep if anything.

  8. Should be no problem whatsoever. Definitely no drug interactions and they are not contraindicated in one another. I use xanax from time to time when I have a hard time getting to sleep, and it has never been an issue. Nine-plus years of both.

  9. No problems for me. I take Xanax daily. Ask your doctor if your not sure.

  10. xanax daily , damn i dont think i could handle that. im prescribed 6mg Klonopin but i only take 1mg per day because ive been tapering off, benzos work too damn well for everything

  11. Prescribed every 4-6 hours 1 mg. I only take 1mg in the morning and .5 mid day. The prescribed dose has me doing nothing all day except sleeping.

  12. ive used both xanax & valium on cycle. both helped alot for restlessness. never had any issues

  13. I was about to say my sister takes Xanax and is passed out a little while later so I could imagine it plus super would lead to some deep sleep and lots of it.

  14. A friend of mine got xanax script. He was feeling great. We would bar fight more often than not. On the way out one night he offered me some to mellow me out, since thats why he needed them. It didn't work out well for me. Instead...never took it again. Same with Ambien, makes me mean but i don't remember what i do.


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