Melanotan II came with no vial

  1. Melanotan II came with no vial

    I didn't know quite where to post this. It's injectable so why not here?

    I ordered what I thought would be a vial of Melanotan II, but instead I received some melanotan II wrapped in some shipping foam. I'm afraid to take the tape off and damage the peptide. I was under the impression that THINGS YOU INJECT INTO YOUR BODY SHOULD BE STERILE. And not just sitting around in foam. WTF?

    Was I expecting too much to have the powder/tab be in a sterile vial? I don't understand this. I trust this research chem site, and have ordered there before with no problems, but I don't understand this at all.

    Edit: Apparently the research site, and I quote from the e-mail, "made a mistake in shipping" and will refund it and send an actual freaking peptide.

  2. crazy, never heard of a chem company doing that, glad they are refunding and re shipping a new one

  3. You sure its melatonin II and not some columbian bam bam???

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