Cycle lengths

  1. Cycle lengths

    I have still been reading and researching since my last post several months ago regarding real gear. I have come across a few cycles which are only 4 to 6 weeks in length. It appears that the shorter cycles with the proper amount of time spaced between with PCT is a little less harsh on your lipids and also has less sides.

    However, I have not seen use dosages, but have read where a few have used higher amounts due to the cycle being shorter. This type of cycling was also reccomended for someone wishing to stay under the radar, but keep making solid gains throughout the course of a year.

    So, in theory, instead of a sudden jump in size and the subsequent loss of of some mass off cycle, you get bigger more slowly and can maintain a consistent larger look due to being off less time.

    Can anyone add their perspective to this or if they have tried it advise of their results?

    Also, if possible, what would be a dosage for a cycle like this? 500mg, 750mg, etc, etc?

    Thanks for any input.

  2. I have a few friends that do 6 week cycles on then 6 weeks off and so on with no stop for a few years now. Ill ask to see what the dosages are and get back to you

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