epi to mdrol bridge or mdrol to epi bridge?

  1. epi to mdrol bridge or mdrol to epi bridge?

    Thinking of 4 weeks epi @30-40mg to cut up a bit then 3-4 weeks mdrol @20mg lean bulking.
    This will probably get me leaner but at the same time the gains made from mdrol will be harder to keep post cycle

    Or do I run the cycle in reverse so I cement the gains into PCT


  2. Mdrol to Epi... make your gains then solidify them and make sure you keep them by running to epi.

  3. absolutly m-drol to epi. M-drol will give you quick ridic gains. Doing epi after will help u gain some muscle memory to keep them around, just as mr rob said.

    Ive done that stack before, just be sure to watch for shutdown. M-drol will shut u down then with a few weeks of another substance after your natty test will be in ruins. great gains though, just know ur bod.

    get anabrolic

  4. ^^^Good advice!
    -OMEGA RecoverBro-
    When an omega male is born it's game over

  5. Haha Yeah of course I'm planning on ending up shut down its superdrol! Just didn't fancy going for the injects this time round.

  6. in the middle of the same thing, was doing mdrol tren stack then bridging into epi. This is first week of epi, I dropped the tren cause lethargy was so bad

  7. Big beef how you finding it and what doses you been taking?

  8. as far as where am I finding tren, I just had left overs. I was doing a lean bulk so to speak, 90mg a day of tren and 10mg of drol on workout days and 5mg on off days. On the epi I am running 30mg a day

  9. i dont know why on here and other forums i keep hearing some people suggesting the "take the harsher compound last" method. Its bro-science at its finest...

  10. Not tryin to hijack the thread, but I am planning on running my first bridge. I'm doing:

    Mdrol 10/10-20/20/0/0/0
    Epi 0/0/30/30/30/30 and 40 the last 3 days

    I was wondering how bad the shutdown is. Nolva would certainly get my natty test up and running after the cycle, right?

  11. I think shut down varies from person to person. I have not experienced any on ph's, of course I only run lower doses


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