Timing of Cycle Assist vs HDrol

  1. Timing of Cycle Assist vs HDrol

    Hey guys. Going to start my second cycle of hdrol. Have some left over from the last cycle back in September. I was curious what you all thought was best for timing through the day to take Cycle Assist versus the hdrol? I normally space them out a few hours if I can. Suggestions?


  2. Supposedly 4 hours is optimal spaceage. Do what you can.

  3. yeah i try and do a 4hour space as well.

  4. Sorry to bump a crazy old thread but figured better than starting a new thread.

    What's downside of taking them closer together, like an hour (or less) apart? Assume taken with fish oil to aid absorption of the hdrol.

    No judging or soapboxing please. Just what's the downside. Complete loss? Reduced effects? Please advise.

    And please don't tell me to search, I obviously tried searching which is how I found this thread

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