Anavar or no anavar ?

  1. Anavar or no anavar ?

    What's up fellas ? I am planning my next cycle and what I had planned was test E wk 1-15 at 600mg a wk, eq at 500mg a wk, for 14 wks, and kick sarting with test P for the first 4 wks at 100mg eod. I have now been thinking about adding some anavar at about 40-50mgs a day for like the last 6 weeks. I'm just curious on peoples expirience with var and if they think it's worth it. I'm 6 foot, down to 195 lbs Thanks to some clenbeutral and about 18 percent body fat, I'm just looking to lose some sticky fat from the mid section and love handles. This is not my first cycle. and I have all my pct stuff so don't worry about that. Any comments welcome.

  2. I want to run anavar so bad!!! Maybe you should save it for a recomp or cut

  3. Well I have all the other stuff and I'm thinking about adding the var and cutting up. I wanna get more cut anyways, just wanna know if it's worth the big bucks or not according to peoples expirience with it.

  4. its not going to help u at all at ur current bodyfat. use it when ur sub 12% at the most

  5. I am currently on anavar with 750 test and 600 deca weekly, I was already leaned out and kept a steady 8-9% BF, but now on the oxandrolone or w/e the proper name's called, I'm at 5-6% BF, gaining weight still, and finallllllllllly have a full pack of abs showing even when i TRY to stick out a gut. It's pretty cool.. Plus I like having an oral in the cycle just cus I like to take the full days dose right before a workout on those days, some ppl disagree, but it rages me out in a good way, and I literally feel like I'm some sorta beastly sub-creature in the gym, weird as that sounds... D-bol was just as good for this purpose as well. Good luck!

  6. If you have money for the var then by all means take it.
    Increase fat oxidation.
    Increase nutrient absorbtion.
    Increase tendon strength.
    Increase instrength....
    Theres a reason its so expensive...

  7. Ya it's either gonna be that or some masteron at 400 mg a week, or 100mg eod. That stuff seems to be a favorite of some and I haven't tried it yet. The var is pricey. So nosinmiveins doesn't think it does anything unless your B.F. Is already low as hell, I have also heard that about winny. What do others think ?

  8. I also have some tren laying around but im thinking about holding off on that for the next go round, nobody knows anything around here ? Nobody has tried Var ? Cmon.

  9. I have used var a few times and personaly did not find it to be any better then winny IMO, for the price I would just use winny.

  10. Thanks budlite,

  11. why on earth are you running gear with a body fat % that high?


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