Help with M1T/4AD Cycle

  1. Help with M1T/4AD Cycle

    Hey this is my first post here. I have done a couple cycles of M1T and liked the results so I am going to one longer cycle before college to bulk up and get stronger for football. Here are my stats:
    18 years old
    215 pounds
    Max Bench 305
    Max Squat 375- I know this sucks but I had surgery for a torn ACL about 8 months ago.

    For my cycle I was thinking this:

    Weeks 1,2

    30 mg M1T
    900 mg 4AD

    Weeks 3,4

    900mg 4AD
    Milk Thistle?

    Weeks 5,6

    30 mg M1T
    900 mg 4AD

    Post Cycle:
    Milk Thistle

    Now I have several questions. Is 900 mg 4AD per day enough? I know the transdermal 4AD is supposed to be better but I already ordered the oral, by the way I got Ergopharm Androdiol Select 300.

    Also, During weeks 3,4 would it be wise to take milk thistle since I won't be taking m1T. Also would 6-oxo be wise during these two weeks or would it affect mt cycle?

    And post cycle I was gonna use Nolvadex but I do not know where to get some. I tried powernutrition but they do not sell it anymore and I had some research chemical website in Hong Kong but I lost the address. So do you think the 6-oxo would be sufficient for my off cycle?

    I have a couple more questions but will wait to ask.

    I appreciate all help


  2. I hope you guys do not jump all over me. I know I am only 18 but I have been lifting for 2 years and have a good diet. I have done 2 three week cycles of M1T before and just had my blood drawn because my mom wanted to make sure my liver and kidneys were ok, and everything came back normal. If you wanna bash me, ok, but I any advice on my cycle would be appreciated.

  3. Well, your test levels at 18 are through the roof. And that is way too high for the M1T, sounds like you are on the right track with your lifting as long as your diet is in the right place. You said you had a torn ACL?----Rehab for that was at least 6 months, right? How are you already squating that much? Drop the PH, you have plenty of time in the future for these. You are nearing your prime of life. There is a reason it is called that. Keep working out and let nature take care of it!!

  4. I started squating after 5 months and could barely do 185, but it has recovered quickly. I had the doctor's permission to start squatting.
    I just need to add some size and strength for football and this will be my last cycle for at least a year. After this I am just gonna take some V12.
    Anyone have suggestions for my cycle?

  5. It's a board rule not to give cycle advice to people under 21, but you are going to do it anyway. Get Nolva or don't bother doing a cycle. Our board sponsor custom nutrition warehouse has Nolva. BTW 30mg of M1T is too high IMO. One of the reasons we don't like teens posting in these forums. You always feel more is better.

  6. ya, im 215 at 6'2 and did it for 3 weeks at 10 to 15 mg ed. I gained about 17lbs and kept 10. 10 to 15 is a good dose, at 30 mg even at my weight, the sides would not be worth the little bit of extra you get from it. look for the benefit in the long run. I also gained good on 10, had no back pain just a good pump but when i bumped it to 15 during the last week i started to notice a more continual back pain. nothing unbearable tho.


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