m-1-t... 2 on, 2 off, 4 on?

  1. m-1-t... 2 on, 2 off, 4 on?

    Ok.. hopefully the last of threads like this for me.

    I tend to waiver so much when planning a cycle.

    My initial plan was:

    week 1-8: 4-ad
    week 4-8: m-1-t

    NOW... I am thinking of:

    week 1-8: 4-ad
    week 1-2: m-1-t
    week 4-8: m-1-t

    My thought here is "front load" with the m-1-t to kick start things for two weeks, take two weeks off and then resume for the final 4 weeks to finish the cycle with the 4-ad.

    I'm just not sure about this. 6 weeks out of 8 on m-1-t sounds a bit risky but I am not sure if it IS or ISN'T, you know?

    Basically, I'm looking for a way to jump start things so I don't wait 2-3 weeks for the 4-ad to kick in

    Any ideas?



  2. Are you using trans 4AD? In my opinion, the 2 on 2 off for two months would do you pretty good. Have you used M1T before or any other PH. Also, I believe your not supposed to use the 4AD for longer than 4 weeks at a time?

  3. I have used PH's before.

    I've done 4-ad once and I've done m-1-t as well. Both of these were for 4 weeks each. Done separately.

    I've read a lot of people running 4-ad for longer than 4 weeks, upwards of 8 and some for 10 and 12 even.

    It's the m-1-t that most suggest not going longer than 4 with.


  4. bump!

    Any other thoughts out there? I'm starting Monday and would like to know what others thing of the m-1-t 2 on, 2 off and 4 on theory?



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