Horrendous pump

  1. Horrendous pump

    What do you guys do about the horrendous pump that happens when on AAS? Im not talking about when doing deads or squats I mean when you just want to go for a FREAKIN WALK. I tried going on my normal 3mile walk yesterday and I barely made it 1.5 my calves were so pumped they hurt and hurt bad, I thought I was going to have to stop and have my wife get the car. My calves get pumped up just from driving, normaly this would be a good thing but I was planning on doing some hiking this weekend.

  2. Are they cramping?
    Make sure you're getting enough water, calcium, potassium and sodium in your diet.

  3. no no cramps I learned my lesson on that once before
    drinking about a 1.5 gallons water per day and also taking calcium, potassium, and taurine along with all the other multi-vits and minerals and anti-ox's normally taken with cycle

  4. what are you on? Dbol and fina combined gave me the worst pumps I ever had. couldn't make it 2 flights of stairs

  5. Hahahaha, what do we do?? We enjoy it Give yourself extra time to walk around hahah

  6. I suggest you read your signature again.

  7. I was afraid that would be the answer. Oh well I'll deal with it. On the good side I have gained about 1/2 inch on my calves so far.

  8. if u are "on" run .25 armidex everyday it will help with the pumps and help with bloating, i drank pedilyte, it really helped with the cramping.


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