Dbol at the end...

  1. Dbol at the end...

    Just curious to what everyone's opinions on using Dbol at the end of a cyle as well as at the beginning, say for example:

    Test 500 mg/week 1-10
    Dbol 30 mg/ed week 1-4 and also 9-12
    starting PCT promptly 12 hours after last dbol dose

    Would this be additionally beneficial? Im am doing this cycle minus the dbols weeks 9-12 starting monday. I will have extra dbols laying around that i will want to put to good use. any input?

  2. its not anyones first pick to harden up at the end of a cycle but if you run a good anti e combo it will work. Tren or winny would be much better though

    you could if you wanted to just run the dbol 1 to 6 or even 8 if you are carefule

  3. i was going to opt for winny weeks 7-12, but this is my first cycle so, would that be alright?

  4. Winny 7-12 would be fine with 500mg of test a week. that sounds like a nice first cycle, dbol-test to start and dbol-winny to finsh. Just remember to take care of your liver.

  5. I don't think I would combine to 17AA at the end. Combining dbol and winny would put a little bit of stress on your liver. I have heard of using dbol in a cutting cycle.. I think that there was an article over on massmonster.com about that.

  6. I thought he was talking about running dbol at the start and winny at the end? or did I get that wrong?

  7. use dbol at the beginning and winny 7-12, you have the right idea there You can use dbol at the end, just not a popular choice, especially considering it's typical effects on estrogen levels. If I have to pick how I want to start my PCT, I'd rather have lower estrogen levels than higher, JMO. (Not that est is bad, however).

  8. If ya cant get ahold of any winny, actually m1t the last 2-3 wouldnt be too bad either


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