Omega M1T Expiration Date

  1. Omega M1T Expiration Date

    I know a friend of a friend who purchased some Omega Sports M1T even though he's not of age to use PH's yet. I managed to convince him through the mutual friend that he should not use them until he's at least 21. Point is...he's worried about them expiring before he's old enough to use it and there is no expiration date on the bottle. Anyone know how long Omega Sports M1T will last for (bottle is unopened and sealed, and was purchased within the past week)??

    Thanks for the help guys.

  2. This was brought up about ten thousand times already but I'm feeling nice today. Most people are freezing their stockpile or at least refridgerating it to prolong the life of it. There's no definate date out there but it's estimated to be just fine for 3-5 years or maybe longer given the right conditions, i.e. locking in an airtight container of some sort and freezing it.

  3. Thanks beelzebub. Didn't realize this was brought up so many times as I'm on the forum everyday and hadn't seen this type of thread once. Anyway, thanks again.

  4. I think the COA ahows good until at least 2005, and then putting it in caps will help it stay fresh a bit longer according the contract manufacturer I use. So, I think your friend should be in fine shape as long as its kept from humidity/heat/cold or left sitting in a car or something.

  5. throw it in a closet, it will be fine

    congrats on convincing your "friend" not to do PH's



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