Any way I could work a week of M1T into a 4 week nordiol trans/4ad trans cycle?

  1. Any way I could work a week of M1T into a 4 week nordiol trans/4ad trans cycle?

    would there be any point? how could I benefit?

  2. I am not really an expert on this stuff but from my understanding you would be better off picking either the 19 nor or the 4 ad and stacking it M1 test for 4 weeks than a 19/4 stack.

  3. You'd need 2 weeks to make the M1t effective, 1 week isnt worth it. It would be a good jumpstart, as dermals take a week before really kicking in. You will probably feel like total crap for the first few days until the 4ad kicks in to counter the sides. Its best to preload 4ad a week before m1t. 5-10mg is all you'd need, I never exceed 10 myself. I bloat on m1t, I know you are cutting, so that may be a concern.

  4. There's a thread over at with someone using 19 Nor, 4AD and M1T and he's having rather spectacular results which means it either works really well or the thread is bogus.

    I'll be trying this stack in July just to see. M1T/4AD works but I feel it needs something. I've had great success with 19Nor/ 4AD cycles in the past.

  5. would 4ad and 19 nor compete for receptor sites? I remember when they first came out there was some debate about stacking them together or not but never came to any definite conclusions as far as I know.



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