Waiting to start PCT

  1. Waiting to start PCT

    Planning a 10 wk cycle of test e frontloaded with DBol. Plain Jane first cycle. Question is in regards to starting PCT. I've read to wait 2 weeks after last injection of test e, allowing for the long ester length. Question is what happens if I supplement with a short half life test in the mean time? Specifically test base, which should clear the body very rapidly. Does it make sense to use the test base during the two week period before PCT?

  2. I personally would not.. you will need time for your test levels to start returning to normal, so all you are doing is prolonging the process by adding extra test, even short esters.

  3. I agree, don't bother, just recover and keep it simple by not adding more hormone.

  4. Makes sense. I was under the impression that the reason one would delay PCT while taking a long half-life estered test was because the test levels would still be enough to keep you suppressed for a time (in this case 2 weeks). I was thinking that if I'm still surpressed, why not keep the test levels high while the long half-life ester is used up. Guess it makes sense that somewhere in that time natural recovery would start and I shouldn't mess with it. Thanks for the input.

  5. Guys this actually is a good idea the half lives of the longer ester will keep this guy shut down for an extra two weeks so why not use something at the end of the cycle that clears almost immediately? Usually an oral or prop is a good way to go.



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