1. ***FUTURE CYCLE***

    so as we all know its "fun" to plan ur next cycle, at least im looking forward to it lol, anyways as such was curious to hear from board veterans per their suggestions. i waited till i was about 26 or so to do my 1st ever cycle & as such ive only run a few. im highly disciplined, training heavy & hard, clean meal-program and cardio is routine for me. im looking to hear what ur collective thoughts are on a future program. i say im about 5'7" but am really prally 5'5" and weigh in around 170-175 w/ 8-10% BF. i dont do "maxes" but i work out with 315 on bench (when i feel like it lol), 315 on deads for 10-12 (ive done 405 for 2), squats 315 for 10-12 (could go higher but like to concentrate on perfect form), and i throw up 140 lb DB's on incline for 4-5 reps (havent touched the 150's yet but looking forward to it!) im dbl certified through cooper institute so i dont skimp on form either.

    now that being said as i wanted to give some feedback 1st, i want to concentrate on the following things: i want my cycle to help me get "dryer, granier, leaner, tighter, more vascular, etc." thats my MAIN focus- i realize much of that has to do with genetics, diet, muscle maturity, etc. but still none the less there has to be an ideal cycle out there to help accompany what i already do to further me in ascertaining my goals. im already strong and "big" enough- i just really wanna focus on the previously stated.

    all input welcome and thank u for ur time

  2. compounds (other than test) to think about pertaining to ur goals:

    masteron e or p
    tren e or a

    so id go with test prop and 1 or 2 of the above compounds....any combination will be good

  3. super- thx for the quick response! my body type tends to be an endo-mesomorph (can gain mass/strength very quickly, stubborn fat loss more of a challenge) that being said any suggestion for the combo above u would suggest for me?

    thx again chief

  4. what is ur previous cycle experience?

  5. Do the tren ace and winstrol. That way you're injecting the tren and test prop at the same time every couple days. Also, winstrols cutting a
    effects are largely non-A.R. mediated so it won't compete with tren for the androgen receptor

  6. u will prally laugh @ my exp lol, i went from a silly 1st time cycle to a heavy hitter, ha.

    1st = eq & winny

    ive also run growth @ 2-4iu along with "andro-gel" (equaled out to about 175mg test/wk)

    2nd = test prop, tren ace, eq and then winny (inject) for the last 6wks.
    was pretty intense with the tren- anxiety, anger, etc. not too much fun at first honestly- got over it though.

    as well as ancillary compounds/others, etc. femara, arimidex, nolva, hcg, t3

    i do tons of research on my own, reading etc. and have several friends who i consult with 2 of whom are damn near genius level IQ lol, however the above decisions were made on my own- the 1st cycle i was advised to run test but decided against it & the 2nd cycle i wanted to hit it hard.

    either way thats that, and like i said id love to hear what u all would suggest combination wise for my next one (mg/week/length/etc.)- thx again all

  7. i would try to avoid tren. my friends who do multi's-its screwed up thier minds. thier just not normal. other friends and I with multi cycles who have avoided tren for the most part notice the change.

  8. Screwed up their minds how? Just more aggressive or what

  9. yeah plz elaborate-

    and also to the above comments plz suggest ur "preferred" stack with that gear u mentioned, ie: test prop, winny, (fill in the blank) lol.

    being that win & var are fairly liver toxic running them at the same time is ok er...?

  10. the best IMO would be:

    Test Prop 75mg ed 1-10
    Tren Ace 50mg ed 1-8
    Mast Prop 50mg ed 3-10

  11. not just the sides, but the pct from it. it's like thier permaspun.


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