I was reading one of the threads on here about when chlosetrol drops, the gains stop and that chlosetrol starting dropping quickly after 7 or so days. Any new thoughts on this? This kinda of makes sense. I almost always stop making any gains at all after 10 or 11 days. My last cycle of m1t, I started off at 20 mgs ed and even bumped it up to 30mgs ed around the 10 or 11 day mark. During the first 10 days, I was up about 7 pounds and I did not gain another ounce. I ran the cycle another 10 days or so for a total of about 21, 22 days.

As far as sides go, little hair loss and my nattys didnt show any atrophy til the last couple of days.

My first thought was that my natural test was not being suppressed until the 10 or 11 day mark so I was getting the added benefit of m1t along with my natural test. But Im just not sure about this either.