Statin'sor Cholesterol while Taking PH's

  1. Statin'sor Cholesterol while Taking PH's

    I have had a higher than normal cholesterol level all my adult life. Even when I was young Marine at the age of 22-23 when I was in great physical condition I had a chol count of over 200. It's still over 200 now. I attribute this to genetics. However, I had a routine blood test taken to check it and my liver and it is at 282. I have been taking Eq-plex for 3 weeks and I just bridged into MDROL. My last PH cycle ended in early december(HaloTren 400) and the one prior to that ended in September (Spawn/Hdrol)

    I have a prescription for a statin to help lower my cholesterol named Zocor. I'm supposed to take it at night before bed. My question is what, if anything will the Zocor do as far as affecting the the PH's? I'm concerned about my cholesterol but I also want to, if possible, continue with my PH cycle. This is not the highest its ever been. When I was taking real gear 4 years ago my chol level was like 330 or 340 so 282 in that light is not as bad but it is far from good. Yes, I am also taking OTC drugs to help with my heart health and manage my cholesterol like red yeast rice, coq10, and omega 3 fish oils. I have not been taking the statin for a few months as i was not sure what effect it would have on the PH's. The last time I had I had my chol level taken it was 220 and that is when I was put on Zocor.

    Any intelligent insight would be appreciated.

  2. i was just prescribed the same thing for mine. have you been running it on cycle?

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