My upcomming Epistane cycle (Pct info included)

  1. My upcomming Epistane cycle (Pct info included)

    This will be my first cycle so i want to make sure i have it absolutely perfect and covered all my bases. Because it is my first i am only looking for a slight boost not a full blown hormone replacement, that being said i want to do the pulse cycle. I plan on using cycle support pre cycle, during cycle and post cycle.I HAVE NO WAY OF GETTING A SERM. But Heres what it will look like:
    wk 1: 3x (10mg, 20mg, 30mg)
    wk 2: 3x (40 mg)
    wk 3: off
    wk 5: off
    wk 6: 3x (10mg, 20mg, 30mg)
    wk 7: 3x (40 mg)
    wk 8: Reversitol ED (1 cap am, 2 caps pm)
    wk 9: Reversitol ED (1 cap am, 1 cap pm)
    wk 10: Reversitol ED (1 cap am)

    Should i expect some good results?

  2. i do not run serm after epi.but you should have one on hand. its not that hard to get.may want to add atd or 6 bromo and test booster to your pct

  3. Serm isn't needed for epistane..

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