PH for a woman?

  1. PH for a woman?

    What would you suggest?

  2. Can't think of any that I would feel comfortable suggesting. It is so easy to screwup with dosage with just regular gear, so I personally think PH's would be out.

  3. When I inquired about this for a friend the responce was 19-nor.

  4. I agree with Matt on this one. I've also always heard 19-nor, but I still think it's not worth the possible negatives. There are enough problems with well known and widely used hormones in females.

  5. small doses of either MDien or M4OHN should be ok. women need to start out really low and work up very slowly IF needed.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ps24eva
    var isnt exactly a PH :P Though a good (and expensive) suggestion


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