Dermal and Sex

  1. Dermal and Sex

    Just started my first dermal of 4ad/4oht. If I put it on and wait 20 minuts then have sex and work up a sweat will I be transfering anything to my girlfriend. After I put some on she is afraid to touch me and I am afraid of rubbing off on her. I have only applied three times so far. Once to both of my arms, once to under my arms on to my stomach, and once to my thighs.

    Just wondering where the best place to apply is. My legs are hairy and I don't want the hair to absorb it instead of my skin so I havn't done any other body part yet.

    Main question is about tranfering the dermal through sweaty contact.

  2. yeah, wear a shirt

  3. I am not a transdermal expert but I would avoid contact completely.

  4. I am no expert either, but my thought process is that the real concern would be getting it in her eyes or other places and it burning her. After a certain amount of time most of the absorbtion would have taken place in YOU, therefore the chances of her soaking in androgens, imo, would be very minimal.

    I put dermals on the tops of my feet, any excess (cleaning of hands, more than can fit on my feet, etc) I rub on the inner part of my knee/ bottom inner section of the quad where its mostly hairless (at least mine).

    Another plus is that when its on your feet, its a smaller area, not nearly as much contact as say..your arm or stomach.

    Just my 2 cents...

  5. how long does it take for most of the adrogens to be aborbed anyway?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by juststarting
    Main question is about tranfering the dermal through sweaty contact.
    Yeah, you can. Try getting the stuff in your mouth. It burns like hell!!! When I run dermals I just try not to make much contact with that part of my body. I mostly use my chest so I tell my girl to keep it below the

  7. Back of knees and top of feet...wear gloves when applying and you should be good to go

  8. true.. you can't do much while using transdermals.. I wore a shirt but still somehow managed to get it in my g/f's eye she was in PAIN and i was left with blue balls.. which is one of the main reasons I stopped using transdermals

  9. Based on my limited experience, some of the transdermal does not fully soak in (touch your skin an hour later and you will see what I mean). Therefore, I would recommend taking a shower before getting romantic or using a dermal afterward--unless you want your girlfriend to get a deep voice and hairy chest.

  10. you DON'T want to get hormones in your girl

    be careful dude

  11. 1. I'd recommend you nair your back, chest, arms, and thighs so you have plenty of places to rotate your application sites for minimal irritation

    2. Take a shower before sex, and better yet, why don't you both get in and enjoy some foreplay first


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