2nd hormone run in the works....help

  1. 2nd hormone run in the works....help

    Hey guys,

    I'm new hear and I hope to be a constant member...I have been lurking for a while now and I can easily say all you guys are very informative.

    I have previously used AAS with great gains so I am not new....

    I am currently 180 at 6% bodyfat, so I am looking to stay as lean as possible with a new PH cycle...I am shying away for the AAS for now because I always wanted to check out a PH

    I don't know much about PH's but alot people say H-drol gives you lean gains...

    what is good to stack with H-drol...I am looking to put on a solid 15-20 pounds of lean muscle....

  2. if u have previous AAS use under ur belt and want to stay lean, theres no way in hell ur going to put 15-20lbs of muscle on.....just not gonna happen.

  3. only one cycle mate....it's okay if I lose some but I want to put as much as I can ....

  4. Quote Originally Posted by trancenation View Post
    only one cycle mate....it's okay if I lose some but I want to put as much as I can ....
    then u need to accept the fact that u will gain fat and water along the way...its just not humanly possible to put on 15-20lbs of muscle with a 4-6 week oral only cycle

  5. H-drol is a great choice. I am currently on the last week of my cycle and it has been pretty good to me. I am already a pretty lean guy, but this stuff will rip you to shreads if you work hard enough. Just dont expect any serious gains until about the 3rd week. Its very slow acting but once it hits you man, its great.

    I am stacking this with another CEL supp. M-drol. Its pretty stupid to stack these 2 methylated supplements and its very toxic to your liver, so if you decide to do this just be aware of that. This stack put a solid 17 lbs on me and hardly any water retention. I have heard of people using CEL's Epistane to get some lean muscle mass too, but i dont have any experience on this so just ask around man.

    Another thing is PCT. You said you aren't new to this so im guessing you have already thought this one over. I hope this helps man.

  6. thanks man....what was your hdrol dosage?

    mdrol dosage?

  7. no problem man.

    hdrol- 50/50/50/75
    mdrol- 20/20/20/30

    prettty simple. The m-drol kicks in pretty fast, but like i said earlier. the serious gains start to show middle of week 2 or beginning of 3.


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