Halotest 25 SERM question

  1. Halotest 25 SERM question

    having no access to a SERM..is it completely necessary to use a SERM after a first cycle of only 4 weeks of Halotest 25..will be taking the "post cycle" product from the same company..any advice????????

  2. if u have a credit card, you have access to a SERM. even places are accepting paypal now.

  3. Powerlab post cycle is not even close to PCT. its FuKCIN creatine , caffeine and tribulus for 50 some odd dollars what a joke

  4. what about the "noestrogen" product from powerlab..would that work stacked with the "post cycle" product for PCT..?

  5. GET A SERM. or at least better products then what you are looking at.

  6. obviously theres some reason why you think that Powerlab is a good brand, i dont recommend doing a cycle without a SERM . but if ur going to be stubborn and not listen then all i can reccommend u to Add to noestrogen since it has bromo and I3C its not bad but who knows what dose it is , and with an AI not knowing the dose is the worst thing you can do. but neway get some sustain alpha and either Stoked, Drive, Primal Male or testopro aswell. or if u got the cash go with the Anabolic Xtreme Mass FX 3 and Hard FX. its got testofen and 7-methoxyflavone like Reversitol V2 and Bioforge Pro whatever its called


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