Any reason to use OTC PS if you can get real gear?

  1. Any reason to use OTC PS if you can get real gear?

    Just like the topic there any reason one would prefer to use any of the OTC stuff like superdrol, pheraplex, epi, and the like, if you can get your hands on some real gear and just run a cycle of test (and/or the other injectables)?

    Obvious legality and accessibility aside (which I'll admit is a point), of course.

    Seems to me there is much less toxicity and sides with the 'real' gear since you aren't taxing the liver with methylated compounds. Just seems more 'clean' to me...using plain old test instead of a newer, more untested 'supplement' - less stress on the body as a whole, and the effects and history of test are far more established.

    The one upside with the orals I can discern is you get solid results with a shorter cycle...and I like the easy rebound from a 4 week cycle (I did a 4 week P-plex/Epi bridge and I'm not even sure if I was shut down at all).

    But then, maybe the reason for the short cycles isn't that the results are fully realized at 4-6 weeks, but maybe that's all that anybody dares to take (for the most part) since people (at least on this board) are pretty educated about the toxicity of what they are injesting and are smart about not using these things for too long.

    Anyway, I'm just wondering out loud...thanks.

  2. Pills are more convenient and less intimidating for a lot of people, especially those who are new to steriods.

  3. I would say no there is no point. Unless you plan on jumpstarting future cycles with PHs which is wat I plan to do.

  4. Yeah its BS...the nanny-state trying to protect us from ourselves forces us to take **** that is actually much worse for you. Test, when done right, is probably better for your health.

  5. Just from what I've read anyway...haven't done a test cycle yet myself (can't find a source), but I've done a few PH cycles



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